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Hi!! Welcome to Chef Chelc. My new food/recipe/musings blog that will hopefully end up being an upgrade from a food blog I had back in college called Chelcie’s Food Files. I just need to figure out how to use wordpress again..technology has never been my strong suit.

I wanted to bring back a blog format for an easy way to access my recipes and to give me the freedom to write about various topics that I’m interested in.

Some random facts about me:

I live in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact, and work in the restaurant industry. I’m temporarily unemployed due to Covid, so I’m currently residing at my childhood home in Massachusetts, which honestly, is pretty awesome. I’m very grateful for this time to be with my family. Here they are!

Brother, Mom, Dad 🙂 This was in Portugal from a couple years ago

I’m currently studying to complete my certified sommelier exam. I was suppose to take the exam on March 20th but it obviously got postponed..It has been hard to convince myself to study so I’m planning to do some posts on wine to help both me and you study 🙂 I’m really not picky when it comes to wine but I’ve definitely learned way more about wine then I ever thought I would! There is SO much to know.

From one of my blind tasting groups.

drinking wine in Italy. Take me back!!

I went to the University of Delaware undergrad followed by an 8 month accelerated culinary program at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley California.

I worked as a line cook for about 8 months in Massachusetts after culinary school before making the big leap moving to NYC.

My first job in NYC was working at the restaurant Eleven Madison Park. I worked for the company for about 3 and a half years and in that time I got to work in the Hamptons for two summers and Aspen,Colorado for a winter. It was truly some of the best memories of my life. Fun fact, I met my boyfriend in Culinary School almost 6 years ago, and we usually work for different restaurant groups, but I convinced him to work with me for a year in the Hamptons and Aspen. It was the best year.

I LOVE to travel. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places and I look forward to traveling more. Some of my favorite trips have been to Sicily, Italy, a eurotrip with my best friend from college, and a recent trip to Burgundy, France with my parents and best friends. Traveling is truly such a gift and I can’t wait until we have that liberty again sometime soon:)

I love love LOVE going out to eat and trying new restaurants. I have quite the list of NYC spots that I will be sharing soon here on the blog. For now, here’s some food porn for ya.

And lastly, I can’t share an “about me” post without mentioning the two biggest loves of my life (lol) my DOGS. I have a golden retriever named Duke and a cavalier king charles named Lucy. Du and Lu. I love them very very much. It’s an unhealthy obsession. Feel free to DM me with any cute dog content, it’s always welcome!

Thanks for stopping by! And be sure to follow on my instagram account

Chef Chelc

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